Companies large and small trust Autow to keep their trucks on the road.

At Autow, we realize that your business depends on your fleet always running reliably and efficiently. We know downtime means loss of revenue, which is why we offer preventive maintenance.

Service plans cover fleet maintenance locally and nationwide. Wherever you are in the U.S. or Canada, we are dedicated to providing outstanding service that you can count on.

Our contract services are designed to fit your specific needs, preferences and budget. And, when you sign up with one of our maintenance programs, you’ll have access to emergency roadside service and assistance.

Sales and Service

We’ll customize a plan that is right for you, based on time and materials. Autow has been supplying maintenance services on commercial trucks since 1962, so we are experienced with practically every scenario. Our certified, factory-trained technicians are ready to do whatever necessary to keep your fleet up and running, day or night.

Guaranteed Maintenance Agreement

Our GMA offers comprehensive maintenance services to your privately owned vehicles. It provides everything required in terms of preventive maintenance, service, and repairs. We will also provide substitute vehicles and scheduled washing if you desire.



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