Full-service leasing branded for your business.

Businesses always welcome an increase in demand, but when it requires additional vehicles for your fleet, the large investment can limit other areas of business growth. This is why so many businesses are opting for full service truck leasing to fulfill their transportation needs. The flexibility provided through leasing offers you the ideal solution to serve your clients without having a negative impact on cash flow.

Autow’s full service truck leasing program takes care of the details, including the handling of permits and licensing, leaving you more time to focus on your core business. Our contracts include safety programs, emergency roadside service, routine maintenance, substitute trucks, and more.

At the end of the lease term, should you decide to purchase the vehicle, we also offer attractive financing options.

Benefits of Full Service Truck Leasing with Autow Truck include:

    • Your company lettering
    • 24/7 emergency roadside service
    • Towing
    • Administrative overhead and costs associated with DOT compliance, safety, and record keeping
    • Licensing, registration, inspections, and taxes
    • 100% deductible payments
    • Substitute trucks during repairs and maintenance
    • Discounted fuel at any Autow facility or any of the 900 NationaLease locations in the United States and Canada
    • Preventative maintenance
    • Unscheduled maintenance
    • Winter and summer fluids
    • Safety equipment (fire extinguisher, ICC kits)
    • Annual operating costs – brake adjustments and replacements, oil changes and filters, batteries, alternator replacements, exhaust systems, climate control, lift gate maintenance, steering, bushings, etc.
    • Flat Tires
    • Washing
    • Selling expenses

When you sign up with our full-service leasing program, you’ll be eliminating working capital, avoiding the hassles of fluctuating, unexpected transportation costs, and having peace of mind that your fleet is operating in tip-top condition.

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